Who we are

We are LimitState, an established software developer whose main business is developing modelling and design software for engineers. Everything we do is about optimising designs, whether for structures, bridges, slabs - or 3D models.

Our software radically transforms the effectiveness of engineering design by making it much easier to optimise for both safety and cost. Have a look at our main website if you want to know more.

We got into 3D software because both we and our customers were doing a lot of work on 3D printing of models and components. We knew just how frustrating it could be for our customers when a model wouldn’t print or had annoying errors. We also knew there were better solutions - because we’d worked with Polygonica and we’d seen how powerful their mesh error correction technology was. That’s why we turned that technology into an incredibly easy to use product. Now we’re on a mission to make 3D printing and modelling hassle-free and effective.