Press release - Professional 3D printing made simple as LimitState:FIX launched

Sheffield, October 2014

Established engineering software business LimitState has released a new software application, LimitState:FIX, which automatically fixes 3D model files. This radically simplifies the process of preparing 3D models for printing.

Utilising the unique Polygonica technology from world-renowned engineering software technology firm MachineWorks, the software promises to transform the productivity of professionals in additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

3D models that fail to print is one of the most frustrating issues for designers, engineers, jewellers and 3D bureaux. It wastes significant working time for many 3D businesses and is a keenly felt business issue.

LimitState:FIX solves this problem. It provides a ‘one click’ automatic fix solution for 3D STL files, thereby enabling them to be printed. When the user opens an STL file in LimitState:FIX, the file is analysed, and can then be automatically fixed. Specifically, LimitState:FIX analyses and repairs holes in solids and fixes defective mesh files. It closes solids, fixes polygon orientation, removes self-intersections and noise shells, and ensures the geometry is manifold.

In testing with customers, LimitState:FIX performed significantly better than other tools for challenging 3D models. Some tools will report that they have fixed issues in a file, when actually errors still remain that prevent printing. In contrast, LimitState:FIX will address these issues and will almost always enable printing.

The tool is particularly useful for 3D bureaux. Many bureaux designers spend much of their time fixing client STL files. This time can be radically reduced, enabling bureaux designers to be more creative, and increasing the productivity and profitability of the business.

LimitState:FIX is already in use by the Mercury Centre, which specialises in printing metallic parts for the automotive and aerospace industries. They are using the software to fix errors in customers’ 3D files that other tools cannot fix. For fast turnaround jobs this can be a lifesaver. Everth Hernandez Nava commented “I spent many hours trying to manually fix a model with other professional tools, but LimitState:FIX did the job in under a minute.”

“3D printing has come a long way but there are still many businesses that have trouble getting their files to print”, LimitState Managing Director Matthew Gilbert commented. “LimitState:FIX will fix almost all 3D files and ensure they print. It complements the existing 3D design and engineering tools out there very well. LimitState:FIX adds a whole new level of model fixing capability. It’s a dedicated fixing tool, designed to do one thing really well, using the unique Machineworks’ Polygonica tool set.”

“LimitState:FIX shows just how much scope there is for enhancing 3D software using our technology”, commented Polygonica Marketing Manager Cristina Sesma. “Users can fix so many problems so fast with this software that it’s a game changer for busy 3D printers, whether they are bureaux, engineers or designers. We’ve got 20 years of experience in 3D engineering and manufacturing software and it’s great to bring this technology into the mainstream 3D printing market.”

A free demo of the software is available which fixes models but which does not allow files to be saved for subsequent printing. This can be downloaded from:

The full software is competitively priced. For bureaux and enterprises it costs £2,999 per user for a perpetual license. For small design and engineering firms and end users it is just £499 per user.

Review copies

We can provide magazine reviewers with an evaluation copy which has a one month life span. Contact Paul Hodgson for details (


Matthew Gilbert, Managing Director and co-founder of LimitState, and Cristina Sesma, MachineWorks’ Marketing Manager are available for interview.

About LimitState

LimitState is an established software developer whose main business is developing modelling and design software for engineers. The Company’s main focus is on applying optimisation techniques to practical problems, whether these be in the construction industry, manufacturing sector or consumer space. Our software has already radically transformed the effectiveness of engineers seeking to evaluate the efficacy of existing or proposed designs in several industry sectors.

The Company released LimitState:FIX following work on the development of 3D component design software. We knew just how frustrating it could be for customers when a model wouldn’t print or had frustrating errors. We also knew there were more effective solutions out there - because we’d worked with Polygonica and seen how powerful their mesh error correction technology was. That’s why we turned that technology into an incredibly easy to use product, LimitState:FIX. Now we’re on a mission to make the process of creating and preparing designs and models for 3D printing quick and hassle-free.

About Polygonica

Polygonica is a solid modelling software toolkit for processing polygon meshes.

Built on MachineWorks' core engines, Polygonica's unique polygonal modelling technology takes advantage of 20 years of development providing automatic, fast and robust Boolean operations. Other algorithms in Polygonica allow solid healing, simplification, slicing, sectioning and spun profile calculation.

Polygonica has a wide range of applications such as CFD/FEA meshing, CAD/CAM/CAE, additive manufacturing where there is a requirement to repair defective models with vast numbers of polygons, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D movies and gaming, geo-exploring, urban modelling and other 3D digital applications.

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